Corrugated Plastic Boxes
File Boxes, Auto Lock, L-Lock, RSC

Corrugated Plastic Boxes from MDI

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MDI produces a wide-variety of corrugated plastic boxes with attached and detachable lids that manufacturer and retailers can use in their daily operations. Corrugated plastic File Boxes, Auto Lock Boxes, L-Lock Boxes, RSC and others are durable, lightweight, and resistant to abrasions, chemical spills, water damage. Corrugated plastic boxes are ideal for use when there is a need for medium-duty stacking strength in a file room, mail room or warehouse setting. Corrugated plastic box models are also available in a number of different sizes and eight different colors.

Corrugated plastic boxes from MDI are:

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Shipped unassembled.
  • Available in additional sizes.
  • Nestable and stackable to optimize available storage space.
  • Designed with easily gripped handle cut-outs for simple maneuvering.
  • Available in blue, green, red, yellow, black, white, gray and natural.
We also offer custom corrugated plastic container designs and imprints, all of which are produced to fit your branding requirements!

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About MDISince 1964, Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI) has been serving people with disabilities by offering development and employment in business enterprises. To support this mission, MDI provides solutions from corrugated plastic products to project-specific services.

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Corrugated Plastic vs. Corrugated Cardboard

MDI Corrugated Plastic Custom ContainersMDI is committed to producing high-quality, sustainable products. Corrugated plastic containers are a more eco-friendly, cost-saving, and durable option than corrugated cardboard containers.

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